Senior Spotlight: Heleny Zacamolpa

Meet Heleny, a leader who has found strength within herself

Originally from Tlaxcala, Mexico, Heleny will graduate from Fort Lewis College with a bachelor’s in exercise physiology and public health with a pre-health certificate. She plans to apply for graduate school for physical therapy. 

Heleny is empathetic and ambitious. She is an inclusive, collaborative leader and a lifelong learner. Heleny leads by demonstrating integrity, accountability, and a strong work ethic in everything she does. She isn’t intimidated by deadlines and difficult tasks. Rather, she remains focused on collective success. She believes in creating diverse and inclusive teams where individuals from different backgrounds and experiences feel welcomed and valued.

Many of our students must balance family responsibilities, work commitments, and academic pursuits. Despite these challenges, Heleny has risen to the challenges, proving her resilience and determination.

“As a first-generation Latina, the weight of familial expectations often intersects with my aspirations for higher education. Balancing these duties with the demands of coursework and extracurricular activities has required meticulous time management and unwavering determination.”

Amidst these challenges, she’s found strength within herself. Each obstacle has become an opportunity for growth, pushing her to adapt and problem-solve. 

Being an LAEF scholar has bolstered her confidence and affirmed her belief in her abilities, motivating her to pursue ambitious goals and aspirations.

The LAEF scholarship has also connected Heleny to a supportive community of fellow scholars, mentors, and supporters. This community has been instrumental in her personal and professional growth, providing her with encouragement, advice, and inspiration from peers who share similar experiences and aspirations.

From Heleny:

To the LAEF donors and community, the LAEF scholarship has been a lifeline for me, opening doors of opportunity and empowering me to pursue my dreams. I am dedicated to academic excellence, personal growth, and giving back to my community in meaningful ways. Your investment in my education is not taken for granted, and I am determined to honor your support by striving for excellence in all that I do.

I want you to know that your support has not only opened doors of opportunity for me but has also instilled in me a profound sense of gratitude and responsibility. I am committed to paying it forward by supporting and inspiring others who may be facing similar challenges and barriers to accessing higher education.

Your investment in my education has not only changed my life but has also empowered me to be a catalyst for change and a force for good in the world. I am committed to creating a brighter future for myself and others.

Thank you for believing in me and for being a crucial part of my educational journey.”

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